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Wireless Bluetooth Earphones (Private Listing)

Wireless Bluetooth Earphones (Private Listing)

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Introducing the Lenovo Bluetooth Headset – a symphony of cutting-edge technology and elevated audio bliss. With Bluetooth 5.3 and Stereo Sound Quality, these earbuds redefine your musical encounters, delivering a seamless and immersive sonic experience. Crafted for active enthusiasts, the IPX5 Waterproof design shields against rain and sweat, ensuring unrelenting performance during intense workouts. Enhanced by an ergonomic hook design, these lightweight earbuds promise a secure fit and all-day comfort. The Charging Case with LED Display offers up to 40 hours of continuous music playback, while user-friendly controls empower you to navigate your soundscape effortlessly. Elevate your auditory journey with the Lenovo Bluetooth Headset, your steadfast companion for dynamic sports and on-the-go adventures.





Package Includes:
2 * Bluetooth Earphones 
1 * USB Cable 
1 * User Manual 
3 * Earbud Cups (S, M, L sizes)

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